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About me 

I am an Artist from Sheffield, currently living in Hackney, London. I studied at the Glasgow School of Art, and graduated in 2020, with a First Class Degree BA(Hons) Fine Art, in the Department of Sculpture & Environmental Art. 

I was selected to be part of RSA New Contemporaries 2021 along with 60 other art and architecture graduates selected from degree giving institutions across Scotland. The exhibition took place at the Royal Scottish Academy on The Mound in Edinburgh from the 26 February – 3 April 2022. 


To see my Graduate Showcase, follow this link


My current practice uses digital animation, I generate 3D computer images, in which I try to capture my emotion in my art and share an aesthetic experience.  My art is driven by a desire to recognise the way the world moves and how we feel it move with us.  My work and films explore people’s relationship to their own history and their perception of time, experience, and memory. Building emotional and poetic worlds in the digital inevitably provokes me to explore ideas of reality, the virtual and the imagined and what affect art has on perception. 


Recently I have been digitally creating memories, and then presenting them in the virtual realm. Memories, like dreams, only exist as visual traces in the individual’s conscious minds. The work involves listening to people’s stories of their memories. I then will take this memory and try to create it visually as an animation. I see these memories as gifts and a source of inspiration. The rendered images are a way of adding to the memory, recording it and sharing it. I want the work to show that people’s memories have value and the things that stick in your mind may be stuck for a reason. I am interested in developing a connection with the people involved, and in collaborating to create a shared experience that is presented to a wider audience.  My work seeks to make intimate and small gestures that cross private and shared space to live between the half remembered, the real and the virtual.

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