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'Catching Drips' - April 2020

During Covid- 19 lock-down, and the cancellation of my degree show, I have been working on a installation in my garden. I have always been drawn to how people place different containers in leaking places, to catch the drips. Although they are effortlessly placed, to me they always seem like some sort of installation or piece of art. Whenever I randomley approach these different drip mechanisms in my everyday life, I always find myself stood there watching them for ages. Inspired by this, I made my own drip mechanism with an animation projected into the buckets, that I made on Blender. The film is taken from my dads childhood memory of drowning.

Dads Memory -

'As I hit the water all the air was driven from my lungs by the cold - I couldn't breathe in, it was like someone had just switched off breathing and I felt myself or the conscious part of me pull inwards, inside my eyes. My body and brain distanced from each other. I was inside but also watching from the bank. Immobile and from what I remember in a loose foetal position, I began to sink 2 feet four feet 6 feet I felt my body nestle into the soft mud at the bottom. Time held still for an instance that stretched out.My eyes must of been open as i remember seeing what must of been moonlight on the surface of the water. A few frantic moments later I was at the surface gasping for air.'

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