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Notice Board United, June 15th-July 15th 2020

'Land of the Free?'


The Notice Board is a contemporary art project showcasing the work of international artists. Featuring ongoing month-long exhibitions, the project aims to connect audiences to the work of diverse artists whilst offering unusual exhibition spaces in the form of this Notice Board and the neighbouring Flag Pole.

The Notice Board aims to create a place where beautiful, difficult, political, challenging artworks can be shared for the interest of you - the audience. All artists involved are responding to the theme: The Lands of the Free? To find out more follow their website here

Notice Board United - January 2023 

'Out of Misery' 

This work is a comic strip inspired painting. It tells a visual story about some fictional kids who find a bird with a twisted neck fallen from a tree. They make the decision to stab it to death with sticks to put it out of its misery. All before building a burial mound for it using flowers, stones and moss. 


The painting is part of a series I am working on that considers how kids figure out their place and power in the world through the caring and killing of animals. I like to explore childhood in my work and the freedom and naivety of children’s minds. I am fascinated how their unknowing drives them to test things. 


When I was younger me and my brother used to chop the heads off worms to see if they would grow new ones. We would attempt to drown ants with a hose pipe and once we cared for a dying baby hedgehog by building it a home out of a shoe box. These experiences play a significant part in who I am today and where I place myself as a free willed being. They taught me how to love and nurture, what it means to inflict pain, how far my actions can affect other beings, and what it is to grieve and celebrate life. 

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