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Notice Board United, June 15th-July 15th 2020

'Land of the Free?'


The Notice Board is a contemporary art project showcasing the work of international artists. Featuring ongoing month-long exhibitions, the project aims to connect audiences to the work of diverse artists whilst offering unusual exhibition spaces in the form of this Notice Board and the neighbouring Flag Pole.

The Notice Board aims to create a place where beautiful, difficult, political, challenging artworks can be shared for the interest of you - the audience. All artists involved are responding to the theme: The Lands of the Free? To find out more follow their website here

In collaboration with two other young artists, Charlotte Hayes, and Sorcha Noble, we made work to be exhibited for a month for Notice Board United, this included a flag, two drawings and a film. To watch the film, follow this link,, or below .  Our work is a combined response asking us to reflect on our actions to deter birds from inhabited spaces. The Notice Board suggests, it provokes many ideas including the assumed freedom of wild animals and birds, and continued responses to government restrictions and perhaps also how these are altering our behaviours now and in the future. Since Covid 19 our normal everyday lives are being put on hold but somethings have become more noticeable. We hear less cars go past our houses, less traffic, shops, and people that made up noise pollution. The birds tweets become louder to us because they are no longer being drowned out, they're sound has a new presence in the back ground of our current lockdown lives. Birds, a lot of the time represent or are kind of a symbol of being 'free' or 'freedom'. But are they really free in the urban life that humans create (pre-lockdown)? Have birds acclimatised, speaking louder because of noise pollution? 

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